Sunday, January 20, 2008

'It's open season on security contractors' has a great review of the Human Rights First report on private security contractors.

Written by Robert Y. Pelton, the commentary says, "the report doesn' t really cover new ground but it makes the same points made by many others that a) there are more contractors now than at any other time in recent military conflict, b) they are being protected by official and unofficial methods to avoid prosecution or liability, and c) security contractors have joined the ranks of baby seal bashers, Salvation Army bucket thieves, celebrity paparazzi and Nigerian 401 spammers as the profession most hated by the media."

All in all a fine and funny critique, with comments on the larger issues at hand. "While the media and the Left focus on pointing out the obvious, that security contractors were designed to be a 'use once and throw away when done' solution to GWOT, they have become a critical part of both military and humanitarian operations," Pelton writes.

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