Saturday, February 2, 2008

Red Cross says Blackwater saved 600 lives

News station WAVY reports that the American Red Cross is honoring Blackwater with a special plaque (pictured left). Georgia Donaldson of the Mid Atlantic region Red Cross explained:

The people here at Blackwater go above and beyond in trying to sponsor blood drives during times of the year when we need them the most.
As WAVY-TV reports in its video broadcast, the American Red Cross credited Blackwater with saving 600 lives from its blood drives.

Erik Prince, founder and CEO of Blackwater, pointed out that this sort of work is typical of the company's ethos:

I'm proud of the folks we have here. We have a great team, they constantly go above and beyond the call of duty, they give back and they're giving to their local community here.... We try to create a venue for smart innovative folks to do good work here and this was an idea that came from our medical department. They saw a need for the community to receive more blood, so we made it available and our folks answered the call.

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sub said...

It is a symtopatic observation.
As soon as I got the Google Alert on a Blog entry on the Blackwater Facts page and I started to read the story, I just knew what the counter-remarks will be:
1 - So much blood spilled, Blackwater better give a gallon or two back;
2 - That blood shall be tested for any presence of anabolics or an unusual high level of testosterone (I am sure, that one is still to come)

... but nevermind, donoring blood is a good and very humane thing in itself,
it is only in connection with the well tought through Public Relations management, that catches the eye.