Saturday, April 5, 2008

State Department Renews Blackwater Contract

Mom always said actions speak louder than words. The big news today is that the US State Department has renewed the contract with Blackwater Worldwide to provide diplomatic security in Iraq.

The BBC, the AFP, the Washington Post, and everybody else is carrying the story. No matter how much any of them try to spin the story, several key points are obvious:

1. The US government still depends upon private security contractors (PSCs).

2. Blackwater's service has been exemplary, winning them another year on the contract.

In spite of all the pressure from trial lawyers, anti-war protesters and elements of the Democratic Party, the State Department has still come to the conclusion that no one - including the State Department's own Bureau of Diplomatic Security - can provide the quality of service that Blackwater does.

"I have requested and received approval to have Task Order 6, which Blackwater has to provide personal protective services in Baghdad, renewed for one year," the State Department's Gregory Starr said.

When asked about allegations against Blackwater, he replied: "I am not going to prejudge what the FBI is going to find in their investigation. I think really, it is complex. I think that the US government needs protective services. Essentially I think they [Blackwater] do a very good job."

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