Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Paper: Blackwater and Sheriff Probably Did Nothing Wrong, But It Doesn't Matter

Remember the big stink a couple weeks ago when federal agents confiscated several automatic weapons stored at Blackwater's armory and owned by the local sheriff's department? The incident that the media called a "raid" and tried to use as proof that the company had broken federal firearms laws?

Well, there's probably nothing to it, according to a local paper published near Blackwater Worldwide's headquarters in North Carolina. The editors are harrumphing that everything just might have been on the up-and-up, but they're not going to give anybody the benefit of the doubt.

Even if the weapons situation was legal and aboveboard, sniff the editors of the Richmond County Daily Journal, the local sheriff showed poor judgment. They don't explain why the judgement was poor other than the obvious fact that they don't like Blackwater and probably don't like guns. Here's what they say in their editorial:
"The federal investigation into a firearms deal involving the Camden County Sheriff’s Office and security contractor Blackwater Worldwide may ultimately bear out what the county’s attorney and a spokeswoman for the company have already claimed about the transaction: that it was legal and neither party did anything criminally wrong."
"But," say the editors, "we’re not ready to draw that conclusion just yet."

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