Thursday, September 18, 2008

Federal Prosecutions of Security Men Likely to Fail, AP Reports

A federal prosecution of the Blackwater guards reportedly involved in the 2007 Nisoor Square shootout is likely to fail, the company tells the US Justice Department.

Of the dozens of Blackwater personnel involved in the security detail to protect a US diplomat at the time of the incident. Only three are likely to be charged, if any charges are brought forth at all, AP reports.

A federal grand jury has been investigating the incident. Critics have been howling for short-circuiting the justice process, demanding immediate prosecutions before the facts can be established.

"Prosecutors agreed to take Blackwater's argument into consideration but did not indicate whether they would continue to pursue charges or drop the case. The company itself is not a target of the investigation and has pledged to cooperate with the probe," according to AP.
"Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd declined to comment."

"Meanwhile, the government's investigation has hit several legal snags — chief among them promises of limited immunity to the guards."

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