Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vote in newspaper poll about Blackwater report

The Virginian Pilot, a newspaper that serves the huge military bases in the Hampton Roads, Norfolk and Virginia Beach areas, has been jihading against Blackwater USA for a year or more.

Its September 28 poll question asks if readers believe Congressman Henry Waxman's partisan report, authored by a trial lawyer who stands to make a fortune from suing Blackwater, and to vote "yes" or "no." (Actually, the question says nothing about Waxman, partisanship or the trial lawyer; the Virginian Pilot has gone out of its way to make the report look objective and mainstream).

There's still time to vote by clicking here:

As of this posting the vote was close. More than 1,100 people have voted so far, with about 47 percent believing the report (as portrayed in the paper) and almost 45 percent not believing it.

That must mean that 45 percent of Virginian Pilot readers don't trust their newspaper!

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