Monday, November 12, 2007

In college, the future Blackwater founder was a volunteer firefighter and sheriff diver

He could have done anything he wanted in college and he did: Erik Prince chose to serve as a volunteer firefighter and an underwater rescue worker with the local sheriff.

A profile of Prince's college life at Hillsdale College shows what the future founder of Blackwater is made of. A straight, civic-oriented guy who worked hard serving others.
According to the Hillsdale Daily News of Michigan, "As a full–time student and part–time firefighter, Prince made an impression on some of those who knew him. . . .
"Prince also worked on the diving team for the Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Department, spending his free time rescuing bodies and pulling people from vehicles. Those skills and the leadership–by–serving philosophy again served Prince well later in life, he said.
"'While here he was a hard–working, honest, dutiful, noble guy, and that hasn’t changed,' said [Hillsdale College] Vice President for Administration Rich Pewe."

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