Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wife of contractor has new blog

Just got word of a great new blog out there - this one by the wife of an American contractor in Iraq. Spooky Action at a Distance - The Quantum Entanglement of a Contractor's Wife is just up and running, and I recommend it highly.

Blogger VarangianWife, a self-described thirtysomething, brings us a lot of the stuff that guy-oriented blogs often overlook: the family lives of contractors serving their country abroad. VarangianWife certainly has a woman's touch, getting down to personal issues like inspiration, marriage, loneliness, love, and all those other things that pack the emotional punch to living and understanding the life of a private contractor.

She also brings us new information on some of the slimeballs who profit from attacking our people in private service of the public good, including the sleazy trial lawyers who make common cause with attorneys for al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Bookmark VarangianWife's blog and check it daily. In case you forget, I'll post it in the "Friendly Links" column.

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