Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blackwater Aids Local Sheriff in Manhunt

In search of a suspect who shot a man, a North Carolina county sheriff called Blackwater for help.

When a Camden County, NC, deputy found a 45 year-old man bleeding from a gunshot wound, he called authorities in two other jurisdictions for assistance. Then the sheriff's office called Blackwater, whose training headquarters is nearby, and asked for the company to fly in a helicopter.

Blackwater immediately sent up a copter to aid in the manhunt. The area is largely rural farm, wood and swampland. A local TV station carries the report. The story is unfolding as I write this post.

Notably a regional newspaper that serves Blackwater's readership area - and has been noted for its sharp editorial opposition to the company - did not mention the company's involvement in the online edition of its news reporting.

If things went according to how I understand the company, Blackwater probably flew the mission as a public service, at its own expense, and under the guidance of the local authorities.
(The photo is of a Bell 412 helicopter that is similar to the one likely used by Blackwater to help the local police.)

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