Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Commentators Heap Abuse on Brian Ross and His Silly ABC News Report

Online commentators are heaping ABC News with abuse for Brian Ross's breathless report that the Army discovered a carbine in the hands or Iraqi insurgents and returned it to Blackwater.

Supporters of Blackwater and of winning the Iraq war should always take advantage of the public comment sections on Big Media websites. Some of the Ross commentators appear to be private contractor vets who have served in Iraq.

Though editors and reporters will seldom admit it, public comments - responsibly written, with solid facts and thoughtful analysis - often provide accountability and provoke biased or careless journalists to think twice.

So keep up the good work! Here's the direct link to the Ross report and the comments, so you can add more thoughts:

No wonder Ross likes to pose so often for pictures with his arms crossed defensively over his chest. His body language shows that, deep inside, he knows he's not the great journalist he pretends to be. See post below.

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