Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Founded to Save Lives

Touring Blackwater's sprawling headquarters in North Carolina, Washington Times columnist John McCaslin captures the paradox between the company's image and the reality of its existence. He quotes from a Blackwater official:

"'Blackwater is defined in the press, and by extension the public, by two events that resulted in the loss of human life. The first, Fallujah, resulted in the loss of four Blackwater lives. The second, on 16 September 2007, resulted in the loss of 17 Iraqi lives.

"'The irony here is that it is a company that was founded and exists to save lives. Everything done is in the interest of safety: training troops to defend themselves; building armored personnel carriers to keep troops alive in battle; building airships for surveillance to detect the bad guys; teaching cops how to effectively and safely rescue a hostage; helping people in executive-protection roles avoid an ambush in a vehicle; building an aviation division capable of performing rescue missions in war zones and natural disasters. The list goes on.
"'My point is that the press quantifies the loss of life, but fails to account for the sparing of life because of Blackwater. In Katrina alone, 128 people were pulled to safety before a contract was ever awarded. In more than 20,000 diplomatic missions, no one protected by Blackwater has ever even been seriously injured.'"

(Pictured: Three American missionaries joyfully celebrate their Blackwater rescue from Islamist extremists in Kenya.)

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