Sunday, November 2, 2008

How the Global Stability Industry Fits Together

Here's an interesting take on the "global stability industry" - the sector of government agencies, private companies, non-profit charities and non-governmental organizations that is increasingly coming together to solve world problems.

It's published in the current issue of Serviam, a magazine for and about those working in "global stability operations."

In an "industry overview," the magazine lists its portrayal of the global stability industry. The list is impressive, and no doubt some groups won't necessarily agree that they should be on it. Even so, it's an interesting cross-section of companies and groups: economic, engineering, government consulting, computers, information services, public health and development, education, logisitics, infrastructure management, and military and law enforcement, and security operations.

Everybody is in here, from Blackwater and other security and logistics companies, to Project Hope and Save the Children. I'm sure not every group listed will agree that it's part of the sector, but the listing is the best illustration yet of the broad spectrum of how private security companies are crucial to building peace and promoting development in at-risk or war-torn countries.

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