Thursday, December 11, 2008

Freak Show

A lot of progressive nut cases are out there, trying to post comments on this blog, demanding that fellow Americans be killed.

And they're demanding the deaths in the name of "justice."

That's right - they say that the three former Marines and two former soldiers being prosecuted for the Nisoor Square incident should be executed, murdered, or turned over to the Iraqis to be lynched. Many of them don't even want a trial. Just death.

This one, anonymously posted on December 8, is representative of the junk coming in:
I hope all 5 of them rot in jail - or better yet get shipped back to Iraq to be killed. It sickens me to be an American when I learn about them.
How progressive! Sounds like the same crowd that's been drinking Jeremy Scahill's conspiracy Kool-Aid and voting for Jan Schakowsky.

Now - for everyone else: Go to the online editions of any newspaper or magazine that runs stories about the Blackwater case, and post your comments to those stories. Be sure to be civil and polite, leaving informed commentary and not just a rant. Rants don't help. Civility and facts do.

1 comment:

Christopher said...

'How progressive!'

very to the point, in my opinion! I see so many radical and ignorant comments below every video on concerned with BW, that I am astonished people are so quick to forget the crimes committed for so-called Progress as they set about attacking so-called 'reactionaries'!

keep up the good work, it is nice to know there are other articulate AMERICANS.