Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Support Pours In for Accused Blackwater Men

People from around the United States are voicing support for the former Blackwater security guards accused of manslaughter while protecting the life of an American diplomat in Iraq.

Important support can be seen in reader comments attached to online news stories. Readers of the Union Leader, New Hampshire's largest statewide daily, have submitted comments in support of native son Evan Liberty, who served as a Marine before working for Blackwater. They should inspire all of us to voice support across the Internet wherever we can.

Forget all the trash talk comments. What's fresh and new is all the new, supportive commentary, like this:

  • "I support Evan Liberty 100%. I was not there and neither were any of you ignorant people posting ridiculous comments here. I am a Marine and I KNOW that the circumstances under which this event occurred may very well be entirely different than what is being broadcast by the media. Semper Fi, Evan and family, stay strong." - Sarah C., Nashua, NH.

  • "If you change Mr. Liberty's name to mine that would be my son. He too works for Blackwater. Their stories are almost identical. These men are all highly trained members from the elite branches of the military. They all have served in war zones. They are not cowboys. They put their life on the line to protect anyone from the ruler of these countries to the entertainers who want to go there to say, 'I've been in a war zone to be with our troops.' They have never lost a client. If they are so bad why are they asked for by people that go visit there ? Even people that bad mouth them now.

    "If you think Blackwater hires just anyone who wants to make money,why not go to thier site and try to apply for a job. You would have a better chance applying for a job as astronaut." - JZ, Texas

  • "Charging these guys is what I like to refer to as 'Feel good political policy' and these guys are the scapegoats for the government." - Mike, Manchester, NH.

  • "This is a war zone. Who can second guess their actions if you have not been in the same situation, same place, etc. Sounds like a lot of politics to me. When it's all said and done, I'll bet they're acquitted." - Bob Ahern, Derry, NH.

  • "Given the lethally chaotic situation in Iraq, at the time, I'm willing to give all involved the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure all reasonable people will do the same. I hope the country's hatred (in some cases maniacal) of Bush doesn't negatively effect their trials. Good luck and Godspeed. - Mike P., Manchester, NH.

  • "I wish your son and the rest of these men the best. They are veterans who served our country with great honor, and are now getting thrown to the wolves. What next - start punishing the troops who are deployed? I am sure thats what some anti-military people would say. People in this country have become so libralized that they have forgotten bad things happen during war." - D.S., Amherst, NH.

  • "I have known Evan Liberty since the fourth grade. We were in the same class all the way to high school and I knew him in high school also. He is a very good kid and he was an embassy guard before he went to Blackwater. Only the top ten percent of all marines are selected to carry that title. he was a standout. He is a great guy and always has been. If he fired his rifle he had too, and he is definitely not a cowboy. He is a hero and it makes me so angry to see America turn its back on him. Shame on this country and its government. How come no one is 'supporting our troops' now? It also makes me sick to see some of the comments left on this page. I bet all the negative ones are from idiots who have never fought for this country. Evan, you're a hero in my book." - Jeremiah, Rochester NH.

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