Friday, June 27, 2008

Blackwater Has Federal License to Sell, Manufacture, and Train With Automatic Weapons

What's the scandal about Blackwater storing licensed automatic weapons that it bought for the local sheriff? Probably not much, as Blackwater has long had permits to sell and manufacture automatic weapons, and to provide training on their proper use. Blackwater spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell tells ABC News,

"All aspects of our contract with a local Sherriff's Department are valid and lawful. Some of the same ATF agents involved in the current inquiry have long been aware of this arrangement as a result of visits to our facility and audits of our firearms programs at Blackwater's request. As a company that is fully licensed to sell, provide training on, or even manufacture weapons - including machine guns - we have worked closely with the ATF to ensure we are in compliance with all applicable federal firearms laws. We look forward to cooperating with the government to resolve this allegation."

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Anonymous said...

Never heard of a license to train with Class III weapons. Is it the collectors license?