Friday, June 20, 2008

New Republic Supports Blackwater in Darfur

The liberal New Republic, a sometime critic of Blackwater, has come out calling for the private security contractor to assume a role in ending the Darfur genocide.

"The best way to end the massacres of Africans," Marty Peretz writes, "is for a sizable (but not enormous) and armed soldiery with airplanes to take on the mission, not so much of rescue from this atrocity here and that atrocity there but of systematic interposition between the murderers and their designated victims." This is precisely the sort of logistics-intensive work at which Blackwater excels.

Which is why Mia Farrow, "one of the real heroes of the 'Save Darfur' movement" according to the New Republic, "has actually asked Blackwater to help. Some of you may smirk. But private security is better than no security at all for the Darfurians."

The real question now is whether the politicians care enough about the people of Darfur to get over their ideological hang-ups and allow someone to actually do something about the crisis there.

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