Sunday, June 29, 2008

Prince Talks About Changes Since Nisoor Square

Erik Prince, the founder and CEO of Blackwater Worldwide, is on Defense News TV answering questions about his company. His wide-ranging comments include insights into the September 16, 2007 shootout at Nisoor Square, Baghdad.

"The FBI has issued no findings so they havent really suggested anything yet," Prince tells host Vago Muradian. "They're still in the information gathering mode."

"I don't believe the company is subject of that investigation any more. I think they'll find that we did exactly what we were hired to do, the recruiting, vetting, equipping, training," says Prince.

Changes resulting from the incident are things that Blackwater had asked of the US government for quite some time. "There were some changes that we had requested already back in 2005 that were finally implemented," Prince says. "There [are] video cameras now in each of the vehicles, there are some additional US government agents that ride with each of the motorcades, that's something we'd asked long before, even: 'Don't take our word for it, let the camera or the US government employee be that third-party arbiter.'"

The two-part interview aired on June 29, 2008 at To view it, go to the "Show Archives" section and scroll to June 29 on the "Choose" tab and click "Go."

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