Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blackwater chief won't let Iraq arrest his men

Standing by his embattled men in Iraq, Blackwater CEO Erik Prince tells the Washington Times that he will not allow Iraqi authorities to arrest his people there.

"We will not let our people be taken by the Iraqis," Prince tells the papers reporters and editors.

"In an ideal sense, if there was wrongdoing, there could be a trial brought in the Iraqi court system. But that would imply that there is a valid Iraqi court system where Westerners could get a fair trial. That is not the case right now," Prince said.

While defending his people until all the facts are in about the September 16 tragedy at Nisoor Square, Prince has acknowledged the possibility of misconduct on the part of some of the guards. He is presuming them innocent until proven guilty. He has not been reticent in the past to fire personnel for misconduct (even for having dirty weapons or un-approved scopes), and has turned over some suspected of crimes to federal authorities.

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