Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Controversy not stopping Blackwater's expansion

"Blackwater USA . . . isn't letting a little controversy get them down. No, they're focused on expansion, and the latest addition is a ship that can be used for everything from anti-terrorism to special operations missions," Sharon Weinberger writes in "Danger Room," a national security blog for Wired magazine.

"Lost amid the latest brouhaha, was a small report that Blackwater had bought and refurbished the McArthur, a 183-ft. ship that boasts 'state of the art navigation systems, full GMDDSS communications, SEATEL Broadband, dedicated command and control bas, helicopter decks, hospital and multiple support vessel capabilities.'"
(Pictured: The McArthur as a National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration ship, prior to being decommissioned, sold to Blackwater and refurbished.)

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