Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is the State Department plotting to sell out its guards?

It looks like some weak-hearted State Department officials are preparing to betray their very own bodyguards who protected them successfully on more than 16,500 missions.

The Washington Times reports that Blackwater CEO Erik Prince "accused the State Department of not coming to the company's defense despite Blackwater's fullfilling every part of its contract and never having lost a State Department client in years of protecting them.

Here's the big clue that a sellout is in the works: silence from the cleverlings.

"'For the last week and a half we have heard nothing from the State Department,' said Mr. Prince. 'From their senior levels, their PR folks, we've heard nothing — radio silence.'

"'It is disappointing for us. We have performed to the line, letter and verse of their 1000-page contract,' he said. 'Our guys take significant risk for them. They've taken a pounding these last three years.'"

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