Thursday, October 11, 2007

Legal group that aids terrorists is suing Blackwater over 9/16 incident

A New York-based legal group with a 40-year history of aiding terrorists, foreign spies and cop-killers is filing suit against Blackwater over the September 16 incident in Baghdad.

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) provides legal defense and litigation services to political extremists from around the world, from Marxist-Leninists to Islamist fundamentalists. The group's leader, Michael Ratner, is an occasional collaborator with Blackwater critic Jeremy Scahill.

Depending on one's perspective, the CCR has been described variously as a "human rights" group, a "civil rights" group, a "terrorist support" group and a "fifth column law factory."

As we reported on September 19, Ratner and CCR lawyers have represented or advocated for a rogue's gallery of cop-killers and enemies of the United States. Over the years they include:

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Robert said...

If you are really sincere about wanting to know the truth and render it accurately, I encourage you to read the full text of Lynne Stewarts appeal motion. You can read it online or download it to read at your leisure at:

I think it is very important for all to understand that during the time period during which the government's case was concerned, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman was not only 100% blind (not just legally blind, but totally, completely
blind), but in addition was suffering from severe diabetes which numbed his fingers so severely that it was impossible for him to read braile. In addition, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman was totally isolated and segregated from any human contact with anyone in the prison except prison officials. Usually a prisoner in solitary confinement can at least hear the sounds of other
prisoners, but a special jail cell was build for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman that had a soundproof room between the door to his cell and the door leading to the
hallway of the prison unit. Not one prison official could speak Arabic, which made the mental/intellectual isolation of the shiek total except for the visits from his lawyers which occurred every few months.

Furthermore, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman during the time period covered in the charges was deteriorating mentally so much that he was experiencing auditory
hallucinations and confused thought.

The single message which Lynne Stewart read over the phone to a Reuters reporter simply said that the shiek felt he was no longer able to give advice any longer and that his opinions should no longer be taken into account.
Incredibly, the government argued that Lynne's passing a message in which the sheik told his followers not to pay attention to him any more was providing aid to terrorists.

There is so much true evil in this world that it really is not necessary to demonize Lynne Stewart. Those who have known Lynne Stewart and know about her
30 years of dedicated, self-less work, most of it for free, helping the poor and the disenfranchised are hopeful that Lynne's appeal will be granted so that she can once again resume her distinguished legal career.