Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Campaign corruption: Edwards attacks Blackwater as his trial lawyer former partner sues

Former Senator John Edwards, the trial lawyer now running for president, has made campaign statements attacking Blackwater - but has not revealed to the public that his friend and former law partner stands to make millions of dollars in pending litigation against the diplomatic security provider.

In an October 30 news release from his presidential campaign, Edwards called for a congressional investigation of State Department immunity for Blackwater contractors, and for a redoubling of Justice Department probes.

Edwards failed to disclose that one of the trial lawyers suing Blackwater, David Kirby, is his former partner. Kirby is the North Carolina end of the lawsuit brought forth by California trial lawyer Daniel Callahan. Callahan requested that Rep. Nancy Pelosi, now speaker, and Rep. Henry Waxman "initiate" hearings on Blackwater. Waxman complied, calling Callahan's clients as witnesses and has recycled the trial lawyer's legal briefs as congressional "investigative" documents.

Could Edwards be jumping on the anti-Blackwater issue to help his trial lawyer friend make money?

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