Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cheap shot: Waxman drags Prince's sister into inquiry

The Waxman Committee fired some cheap shots at Erik Prince and his family, dragging Prince's sister and her political affiliations into the Iraq diplomatic security issue.

Rep. Darrel Issa (R-Cal.) calls the report "an attempt to paint this gentleman and his company" in an antagonistic partisan matter "to Democrat eyes."


Anonymous said...

yeah, why would waxman let REPUBLICAN darrell issa do that?! shame on... waxman!??

Anonymous said...

Issa is so fucking stupid. I suppose he snorted a couple of lines just before the hearing and just thought he heard the Dems asking questions that they never did.

That behavior is related to the other Republican practice of accusing Democrats of behavior that they themselves are doing.

Keep these hearing going and let the public see the jerks this administration put in place and the rubber stampers that soft pedal at the hearings.

Why is this administration always trying to hide the truth?

Impeach Cheney/Bush, the sooner. the better.

Sordid Business said...

What you failed to mention was that it was Issa who brought up the political connections. Waxman bent over backwards to not do that, and in fact, told Issa that the only person bringing up Prince's political connections was Congressman Issa. Waxman can be annoying, but give him some credit on this point.