Saturday, October 6, 2007

Video: Blackwater 'saved the day' for US ally

Blackwater helicopter crews "saved the day" for a key American ally in Iraq - the Polish ambassador to Baghdad, who was the target of an assassination attempt on October 3.

In a Fox News segment on October 5, the wounded ambassador is shown being escorted aboard a Blackwater "Little Bird" helicopter that landed on a street. The landing, amid high lamp posts on either side of the street that posed a danger to the helicopter's spinning blades, took a combination of guts and skill that have made Blackwater pilots famous worldwide.
The video shows both sides of the story, quoting top Iraqi officials and US lawmakers who harshly criticize the company, as well as statements from Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT), who has visited Iraq 18 times and attests personally to the many times Blackwater protected his life.

Click here for the video. A sudden and annoying advertisement precedes the news segment.
(Pictured: Ambassador Pietrzyk being rushed to helicopter)

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