Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wounded Polish ambassador makes slight recovery

Poland's Ambassador to Iraq, whom a Blackwater helicopter team rescued last week after an assassination attempt in Baghdad, is starting to recover from his injuries.

Ambassador Edward Pietrzy is suffering burns on 25 percent of his body and in his respiratory tract after terrorists bombed and shot up his diplomatic convoy October 3.

Polish external radio says Pietrzy is being awakened from an induced coma and is in "serious but stable" condition.

Since the attack, Poland has moved its Baghdad embassy into the Green Zone, AHN reports.

The US Embassy in Baghdad called Blackwater to send in one of its "Little Bird" helicopters to rescue Ambassador Pietrzy and his aides immediately after learning of the attack (see picture). The US military had no available aircraft or crew in the area who could land a helicopter in the street to recover the diplomat.

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